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I currently offer second reader reader services and online learning support for homeschool students and distance learners. I have seven years' school library experience at diverse schools in Tokyo and Boston, where I was responsible for collection development, readers advisory, curriculum support, story time, and library programming. I am currently a full time MFA student at Hamline University, studying Writing for Children & Young Adults.

second reader

  • life experiences: death of a parent in childhood; international school teaching
  • queerness: lesbian/dyke; growing up asexual
  • mental illness: adult diagnosis of ADHD-I; OCD; depression; complicated grief
  • physical disability: chronic pain; chronic fatigue; hypermobility/hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos syndrome; assistive tech (cane)

I specialize in picture book and middle grade manuscripts. I can also read young adult books.

Why should you hire me? Collection development is my day job. My professional experience, as well as my lived experience of queerness, chronic pain, complicated grief, etc., informs my sensitivity/expert reading.

How much does it cost? My base rates are posted below. Indie authors, please contact me to negotiate rates - especially if you are economically disadvantaged. Writing happens in community and I am here to support fellow disabled and queer writers, and writers of color. Please do not hesitate to contact me if my fees are unaffordable for you; we may be able to work something out.

  • proposal: flat fee $50
    Submit 100-250 words pitching your project, and I'll provide one page (~250 words) feedback about whether I would purchase your book for my school library, why or why not, based on student interest and curriculum requirements.
  • prose: MG/YA (0.5¢/word reading fee) + ($30/page write-up)
    e.g., (65,000 word MG manuscript: $325 reading fee) + (2 page write-up: $60) = $385 total
  • picture books: (50¢/page reading fee) + ($30/write-up page)
    e.g., (28 page picture book dummy: $14 reading fee) + (1 page write-up: $30) = $44 total
  • comics: (0.5¢/word reading fee) + ($30/page write-up fee) + ($50 flat fee visual art representation critique (optional))
    e.g., (30,000 word graphic novel script: $150 reading fee) + ($50 visual representation critique) + (3 page write-up: $90) = $290 total

To find out more please email me at meepnanowrimo @ gmail . com with the subject "BETA READING."

learning support

How can I help you? As learning moves online, many students may be missing the sanctuary of the library and the nonjudmental recommendations from a school or public librarian who knows them as readers - not standardized test scores. If you are homeschooling or supplementing distance learning (preK-12) with self-directed activities, I can support you and your students with virtual story time, personalized reading list recommendations, and one-on-one or small group online book clubs.

How much does it cost? Rates vary based on number of students, grade level, and subject matter, starting at $25/hour. If this is unaffordable for you, please contact me anyway. I am here to support your students.

To find out more please email me at meepnanowrimo @ gmail . com with the subject "LEARNING SUPPORT."

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