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about me

illustrated icon of a white woman with short brown hair looking over her shoulderMeep Matsushima spent her entire life escaping into stories. She has flirted with faeries, pined for lovers who disappeared through magic doors, and helped an exiled elvish princess build an empty city.

Meep has a BA in East Asian Studies from Simmons College University. She lived in Tokyo for almost a decade, where she started her school librarian career, walked for miles looking for tiny shrines, and found queer community.

Meep Matsushima is a disabled1 femme dyke poet-librarian originally from New England, currently living in the D.C. suburbs with her brothers, craft supplies, books, and cat. She writes speculative poetry, short stories, and middle grade novels.

1several acronyms (hEDS, ADHD-I, OCD, SAD, &c)

creative work

  • dislocation in blood orange (January 2022)

  • Eregion on Patreon (self published) (February 2020)
    fanpoetry about my Silmarillion Mary Sue (a mathom-poem)

  • "I don't want to write poetry..." (self-published) (March 2018)
    interactive fairy tale/horror poetry chapbook
    (content notes: gaslighting, emotional abuse, self-injury, disordered eating)

  • Civilian Casualties for The Real LJ Idol (self-published) (May 2013)
    what it means to be a superhero
    (content notes: fantasy violence, death, moral injury/PTSD)

  • beta reading

    Starting in April 2020, I am offering sensitivity reader services. I can read for the following: I specialize in picture book and middle grade manuscripts. I can also read young adult books. Why should you hire me? Collection development is my day job. In addition to sensitivity reading, I can tell you if I think I'd buy your book for the school library based on student interest and/or curriculum support.
    How much does it cost?
    To find out more please email me at meepnanowrimo @ gmail . com with the subject "BETA READING."

    love, Meep