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caramel & cream is not just a candy
That's right, folks! Meep has started working on a breed of pixel ponies known as caramel & cream! Our goal is to become a registered breed by August, 2005! Will you help us? (Pretty please?) Caramel & Cream standards are based not only on coat color, but on genetics, too. Any full-bred pony with the proper coat and genetics is able to register here. Registration is 50GP and includes basic training, halter training, and full training in the feild of your choice.

This is Merry. She is the perfect example of a caramel & cream pony. Her mane & tail are dark brown, and her body is pretty much evenly divided between caramel (tan) and cream (white.) Her genetics are also to die for. Registered full-bred & foundation stock must have all genetics lower than five.
ex: 44.44 is the higest accepted genetic combo.

This is Muffin. She is the eldest known caramel & cream pony. As you can see, she is almost exactly the same coloring as Merry. The only thing that stops her tying with her for "first place" in a breed show is her 43.21+ genetics.

This is Missing in Action. As you can see, his coloring is quite pretty, but a little dark for a caramel & cream. He has the dark mane & tail, however, which puts him ahead of some of the others.

This is Meriadoc. He would get an HM. His genetics are good, and his coloring is nice, but he's very pale. Any lighter, and he would no longer qualify as breed stock. This would be a good time to mention that caramel & cream ponies can carry any sort of fantasy mutation.